Oracle Digital Assistant: Transforming Conversations, Empowering Outcomes.

Oracle Digital Assistant: Revolutionize Customer Engagement and Employee Productivity. Elevate customer experiences with AI-powered chatbots and voice assistants that provide instant support and information. Empower employees with a virtual assistant that streamlines tasks and enhances productivity, allowing them to focus on high-value activities. Leverage machine learning and natural language processing to drive automation, reduce operational costs, and boost customer satisfaction. Unlock the potential of conversational AI with Oracle Digital Assistant, your partner in transforming interactions and business outcomes.

  • Generative AI features: Oracle Digital Assistant has generative AI features that allow users to integrate large language models (LLMs) and other generative capabilities into their digital assistants. In addition, developers can use generative AI to build digital assistants more quickly and efficiently.
  • Natural language understanding and machine learning: Oracle Digital Assistant applies deep semantic parsing using natural language processing, natural language understanding (NLU), and custom algorithms to understand common conversations to derive accurate intent and context.
  • AI-powered voice: Eliminate reliance on third-party offerings with Oracle’s AI-powered voice. Users can communicate with their business application using voice commands with an assistant that understands their business-specific vocabulary and enables naturally expressive interactions. Give your customers more control of their data by providing end-to-end security and compliance with privacy standards, such as PII and GDPR.
  • Prebuilt chatbots for Oracle Cloud applications: Only Oracle Digital Assistant offers out-of-the-box chatbot skills for Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Cloud SCM, Oracle Cloud HCM, and Oracle Cloud CX to get you started immediately.
  • Automated bot-to-agent transfer: Oracle Digital Assistant integrates with Oracle Service and other help desk management systems to intelligently respond to service requests, offer best next-step recommendations, and drive cost savings of up to 40% with help desk automation. An effortless handoff of full call history to a live agent in the case of more complex calls ensures greater customer satisfaction and improved service levels.
  • Multichannel support: Engage users via popular channels already in use, such as the web, mobile, SMS texting, smart speakers, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. Start a conversation on one channel and complete it in another, without losing context.

Oracle Digital Assistant: Conversations That Drive Success.

Oracle Digital Assistant Expertise

Suavis boasts a team of seasoned experts with extensive knowledge of Oracle Digital Assistant, ensuring a precise implementation. Our expertise guarantees seamless integration with your existing systems, tailored to your unique business needs. Suavis leverages industry best practices and innovative solutions to maximize the value of Oracle Digital Assistant for your organization.

Customized Implementation Strategies

We understand that each business is unique, and Suavis designs customized implementation strategies that align with your organization’s specific requirements. Suavis collaborates closely with your team to ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption. Our approach focuses on creating a solution that addresses your immediate needs while accommodating future scalability and changes.

Comprehensive Integration Across Systems

Suavis excels in integrating Oracle Digital Assistant with your CRM, databases, and other crucial data sources. Our integration expertise ensures a unified and connected ecosystem, guaranteeing data accuracy and accessibility. We optimize data synchronization, providing a seamless flow of information for your virtual assistant to leverage effectively.

Ongoing Support and Evolution

Beyond implementation, Suavis offers ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Oracle Digital Assistant environment at its best. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address issues, implement updates, and fine-tune configurations. Suavis is committed to your long-term success, ensuring that your digital assistant evolves with your business needs, delivering maximum value and user satisfaction.

Advanced Conversational AI

Suavis harnesses Oracle Digital Assistant’s capabilities for advanced conversational AI, creating intuitive and personalized user experiences. We implement AI-driven chatbots and voice assistants that understand natural language and adapt to user behavior. Our approach ensures that your digital assistant engages users effectively, increasing satisfaction and streamlining interactions.

Data-Driven Insights and Continuous Improvement

Suavis provides advanced analytics and insights to help you understand user interactions, refine conversational flows, and enhance the virtual assistant’s performance. We transform data into actionable insights, enabling continuous optimization and proactive improvements. Our focus on data-driven decision-making empowers you to refine your digital assistant strategies for maximum efficiency and user satisfaction.