Your Partner in Maximizing Oracle PRM Potential.

Oracle Partner Relationship Management: Strengthen Partner Collaborations and Accelerate Growth. Empower partners with a feature-rich, branded portal for streamlined collaboration, lead management, and deal registration. Enhance partner relationships and drive revenue growth through efficient channel management. Boost partner engagement and sales performance with Oracle’s comprehensive Partner Relationship Management solution. Elevate your business by turning partner collaborations into revenue-generating opportunities. Develop custom portals where channel managers and partners can collaborate on lead-to-quote management, business planning, request-to-claim workflows, and more.

  • Branded experience: Offer a flexible partner portal for personalized channel management and a branded user interface. Your brand matters, whether it’s you or a partner representing it.
  • Lead-to-close management: Increase results with a complete set of tools from onboarding to joint marketing collateral to end-to-end lead management, deal registration, and opportunity and quote processes.
  • Channel program design: Create a win-win relationship between you and your partners. Collaborate with partners to create efficient, mutually beneficial channel programs.
  • Efficient onboarding: Easily approve good partners, initiate onboarding tasks and deliver brand, process, and training content all from a single interface. Onboard new partners quickly and improve the overall time to productivity.
  • Lead management: Seamlessly pass along marketing qualified leads with engagement intelligence, or assign new leads for partners to qualify and claim.
  • Opportunity management: Facilitate deal registration and approvals, track progress of partner opportunities, and help advance stalled deals.
  • AI-guided selling: Provide partners with AI-driven win-probability scores, next-best actions, account prioritization, and smart talking points.
    Configure, price, and quote: Empower channel partners to configure and create accurate quotes, and approve them quickly.
  • Customer support: Increase customer satisfaction by enabling partners to log service requests on behalf of customers, and collaborate with you for quick resolutions.

Empowering Partner Success with Oracle PRM.

Oracle Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Expertise

Suavis brings a team of seasoned Oracle PRM experts with extensive technical knowledge and deep implementation experience. Our expertise ensures a precise PRM implementation tailored to your unique business requirements and objectives. Suavis leverages industry best practices and innovative solutions to maximize the value of Oracle PRM for your organization.

Tailored Implementation Strategies

We understand that each partnership ecosystem is unique, and Suavis designs customized implementation strategies aligned with your specific partner management needs. Suavis collaborates closely with your team to ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption. Our approach focuses on creating a solution that addresses your immediate partner management needs while accommodating future scalability and changes.

Partner Portal Optimization

Suavis excels in creating an efficient, feature-rich partner portal within Oracle PRM that enhances partner collaboration, lead management, deal registration, and quote creation. We streamline partner interactions, making it easy for channel managers and partners to work together effectively. Our approach ensures that your partner portal becomes a central hub for productive collaboration, contributing to revenue growth.

Revenue-Generating Partner Channels

Suavis helps you drive revenue growth by transforming partner relationships into revenue-generating opportunities through efficient channel management. We provide strategies and tools to enhance partner engagement, increase lead conversions, and optimize partner sales performance. Our approach empowers your business to leverage Oracle PRM for maximizing partner sales channels and increasing overall revenue.

Streamlined Partner Interactions

Suavis streamlines partner interactions, optimizing lead management, deal registration, and quote creation processes. We implement automation and workflow efficiencies to minimize administrative burdens, allowing partners to focus on revenue-generating activities. Our approach enhances partner satisfaction and loyalty by providing a seamless and user-friendly experience within Oracle PRM.

Proactive Support and Continuous Improvement

Beyond implementation, Suavis offers ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Oracle PRM environment performing at its best. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address issues, implement updates, and fine-tune configurations. Suavis is committed to your long-term success, ensuring that your partner management processes evolve with your business needs, delivering maximum value, and strengthening partner relationships.