Empowering Innovation with Oracle Visual Builder Cloud.

Oracle Visual Builder: Your Catalyst for Rapid App Innovation. Fuel Your Business Growth by Turning Ideas into Powerful Web, Mobile, and Progressive Web Apps. Empower Your Team to Drive Efficiency and Productivity. Transform Concepts into Reality with Ease. Stay Agile and Competitive with Oracle Visual Builder.

  • Service Catalog: Easily access business objects from Oracle Cloud Applications in your applications.
  • Extend Oracle Cloud Applications: Embed your applications as custom tabs within Oracle Cloud Applications, or as menu options that link to external applications.
  • Use Oracle Application service catalogs: Quickly access and build using business objects from all of your Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • Web-based app builder: Visual Builder is browser-based, so there’s no need to download or install software.
  • Easier visual development: Visual Builder gives you access to powerful visual app design tools, such as drag-and-drop components and actions, and WYSIWYG interfaces.
  • Customize data objects: Define new objects to store data related to your application. Replace spreadsheets with multiuser web applications.
  • Easily access REST services: Pick from our catalog of REST services, or invoke other REST services with just a few clicks.
  • Build multichannel apps: Create responsive web applications and progressive web apps (PWA) that can install on-device with a unified development approach.

Suavis: Your Trusted Partner for Maximizing Oracle Visual Builder Cloud's Potential.

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Expertise

Suavis boasts a team of skilled Oracle Visual Builder Cloud experts with deep technical knowledge and extensive implementation experience. Our expertise ensures a precise and efficient implementation, tailored to your unique business needs and objectives. Suavis leverages industry best practices and innovative solutions to maximize the value of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud for your organization.

Tailored Implementation Strategies

We understand that each business is unique, and Suavis designs customized implementation strategies to align with your organization’s specific requirements. Suavis collaborates closely with your team to ensure seamless integration with existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption. Our approach focuses on creating a solution that addresses your immediate needs while accommodating future scalability and changes.

Integration Excellence

Suavis excels in integrating Oracle Visual Builder Cloud with your existing applications and databases, ensuring a unified and connected ecosystem. Our integration expertise guarantees smooth data flow across your organization, minimizing manual work and data discrepancies. We optimize data synchronization, providing a comprehensive view of your business processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

User Training and Adoption Support

Suavis places a strong emphasis on user training and adoption to maximize your Oracle Visual Builder Cloud investment. We offer comprehensive training programs that empower your team to effectively utilize the platform’s capabilities. Our user-centric approach ensures a smooth transition to the new system, boosting user acceptance and productivity.

Proactive Support and Continuous Improvement

Beyond implementation, Suavis offers ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your Oracle Visual Builder Cloud environment performing at its best. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address issues, implement updates, and fine-tune configurations. Suavis proactively monitors system performance, providing recommendations for optimization to support your evolving business needs.

Achieving Tangible Business Value

Suavis’ ultimate goal is to help you achieve measurable, value-driven results from your Oracle Visual Builder Cloud implementation. We measure success by the impact on your organization’s efficiency, innovation, and overall business performance. Suavis is committed to delivering real, quantifiable value, ensuring every aspect of our partnership aligns with your goals and objectives, enabling you to extract the most from Oracle Visual Builder Cloud.